Thursday, March 16, 2006

This is at hostel YoYo at Ecuador St. in Valparaiso. This is the first mural that I designed and traced. Basicly, I took all the knowledge I have from the previous murals with BRP and Cultura en Movimiento and I put it to to work. I followed the process and style of how we always work with Mono Gonzalez. The idea was that I painted the black lines, then everyone else came in with the colors so they could all participate, and afterwards I retraced the black lines. The mural was signed under the group of Cultura en Movimiento. One of the most interesting parts about this mural was that it was painted at a hostel, so the participation was international including North americans and South americans from various countries. Sometimes people passed by the street and gave their compliments or even joined in to paint and the cars slowed down to check out the mural. This is what I liked most about the mural and this mentality and style of collective muralism that I have learned in the variuos murals from Mono Gonzalez, the fact that people who aren't necesarily artists can come participate in art. People who like art but won't necesarily go to art museums can join in and paint, and enjoy it alot. It takes art away from such an elite and intellectual mentality and brings it closer to the people. It also brings the artsits out of a private, introverted environment of art and into a public scene along with their art. The mural is about the people, style and environment of Valparaiso. A hand holds out a yoyo of the world because the hostel is called the yoyo. at first various people were talking about what they wanted in the mural and how they wanted it and I became a little nervous but then I realized I just had to do it how we always do, sporadically and joyfully with the people. in many of our murals people come along with their opinion of how it can become better, but i have learned there are always critics but 99% of the people like the mural and enjoy painting it so any negativity doesn't really matter. We just paint it confidentally and it comes out very satisfying.

to see more of the pictures of this mural and many others y para la descripcion de esta mural en espanol se puede visitar el link para arte brigadista, murals art, check out the link to mural art o el link para cultura en movimiento.


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