Monday, February 27, 2006


Mural designed by Mono Gonzalez and assisted by Roberto, Armando, Sebastian and Philip as well as others working with Cultura en Movimiento. This is one of 11 murals that we painted in Buenos Aires in 1 week in Febuary 2006. The 4 of us were invited to Buenos Aires to paint the murals as a part of Cultura En Movimiento, where we met with other artists, musicians, poets, and social activists in Buenos Aires in order to share art and ideas in the context of 30th anniversary of the Golpe de Estado, or military coup in Argentina. We went painting murals against the military dictatorship in Argentina in order to remember it and aknowledge that it won't happen again. As part of cultura en movimiento, we painted murals in which anybody participated in the collective broadening the horizons of art in an international and social context. Mono Gonzalez designed each mural and Sebastian, Roberto and I worked with the line tracing and form as many other participated with the colors. The murals are left signed only as Cultura en Movimiento being as they are by a group of people and for all the people, it is not an individualist nor egotistic art form, rather a social and inclusive art form that works in contrast to the gallery art system and as a tool for raising and working socially conscious. To view the rest of the murals we painted in Argentina visit the links to the arte brigadista, or cultura en movimiento argentina which are on the side.

mural diseñado por mono gonzalez y asistado por Roberto, Armando, Sebastian y Philip con otros trabajando con cultura en movimiento. Para ver el resto de los fotos de los murales en Argentina se puede visitar los links del lado a cultura en movimiento argentina o el arte brigadista.

All the art on this page is by Philip Bennett with the exception of murals which are by Cultura En Movimiento. Todo el arte en esta pagina esta hecho por Philip Bennett menos los murales cuales son de Cultura en Movimiento.


Blogger Shadows of Pandora said...

vivid colors

12:14 PM  
Blogger Annette Levine said...

Beautiful work! Bravo!!! Gracias, Philip, por compartir esto conmigo -- quisiera saber la direccion exacta de los murales que hicieron en BsAs, especialmente relacionados con la Guerra Sucia.
Tu profesora de espanyol te manda un abrazo desde Ithaca, NY,
annette levine

11:01 AM  
Blogger craig said...

haha this is craig, yo.. i found this by gooogling "murderglove" haha

2:53 AM  

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